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Savage Guitar Design is the new kid on the “boutique” block. Although we’ve been around for a dozen years, the time has arrived to offer our line of hand-crafted instruments to discerning players everywhere.


Why Boutique?

 Boutique luthiers are a unique group of artists. Each instrument that leaves a shop is handcrafted rather than manufactured. A humbling reverence and almost child-like excitability is in evidence when each instrument comes alive as it is finally plugged into an amp and “taken on its maiden voyage”.

A luthier creates something. Something that will in turn, continue to create.

Mathematical precision and a passionate design blend together to help craft an instrument that is unique in its own way. In turn, it will produce music with that elusive tone that every player hopes to find.

This quest for the ultimate tone is seldom found with the instruments which are mass produced by the major manufacturers. Computer controlled machines churn out untold numbers of instruments daily; each one being nearly identical to the next. These mass produced instruments, however, lack the human factor.

There is an intangible element to the “boutique” instrument, a certain je ne sais quois. Maybe it is the fact that each structural element of the boutique instrument is hand selected, then hand fitted. It could be that these stringed works of art begin to take on a personality of their own. After all, each is as unique as the musician who plays it.

A special player needs a special instrument, one that speaks to him. A special instrument, in the hands of that special musician, will undoubtedly create music that is of one voice.

Greg Savage
Savage Guitar Design


Prices for the Uptown 5 will start in the $2400 range. Final cost will be determined by the options. Rare burl for tops and backs can be very expensive. Call for quotes.

The BB-365 pricing will start at $1800. Painted or stained bodies of Maple, Mahogany, and Poplar will be standard issue. PPG Vibrance is a finishing option. Passive electronics are the standard issue.

Old School Classics will start in the $1950 range. Bartolini electronics and Hipshot hardware are standard. Gold hardware and active electronics will add to the final cost.

A more detailed price sheet will be added as it becomes available.

Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations in materials and stuff that we just can't control..


There are nearly an infinite amount of options that are available to be crafted into a "boutique" instrument. Exotic woods, bridges, tuners, pickups, and electronics are some of the main considerations. Presently, we are standardizing on Hipshot hardware and Bartolini pickups and electronics. As far as exotic wood goes, We have a nice stock of rare burls such as Jarrah, Amboyna, Maidou, and Myrtle. Also on hand is a nice selection of Spaulted, Curly, and Quilted Maples. If we don't have something in our "stash", we do know where to find it!

Some of our instruments are available in different string configurations. The necks are built using a 5 piece lamination of Maple, with runners of woods like Purpleheart, Wenge, and Bubinga. Accent lines of exotic and dyed venners can also be added.

Where's the tone?

Great players always have great tone. I believe that ultimately, tone comes from the hands. Although a finely crafted instrument does contribute greatly to that tone.

The legendary players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan had incredible tone. There was just a "vibe" about it. Something that you just couldn't duplicate, and it would not matter how hard you tried. Be assured, with whatever guitar SRV picked up, he was sure as hell gonna sound like Stevie Ray!
Savage Guitar Design


As a "Boutique" luthier shop, we are offering several models of basses. Two great designs are available for players of everything from Jazz to Funk and Rock to Death Metal. And of course, our spin on a couple of "Old School" Classics.

  • Uptown 5

    Savage Guitar Design

    The Uptown 5 is an incredibly versatile 5 string bass, which is also available in 4 or 6 string configurations. The graceful lines and contours of the body allow for one of the most comfortable playing basses around. Bartolini electronics and Hipshot hardware are standard on the Uptowners. These "bad boyz" are ass-kickin' instruments for funk and jazz, but are equally at home with rock, blues and country.

    The name of this bass was adopted from the movie, “High Fidelity” with Jack Black. In the movie, Jack is putting together a group that was to be called “Kathleen Turner OverDrive”, But changed it at the last minute to ”Barry Judd and the Uptown 5”......Great movie.....Great bass!!!!!!

  • BB-365

    Savage Guitar Design

    The BB365 is quite a unique bass. It boasts 36 frets on a 35 inch scale neck. A wickedly deep cut-away allows full access to all 36 frets. The BB-series of basses will be available in 4 or 5 string versions. And for the less adventurous, a 24 fret neck will be the standard issue.

    This BB-365 is shown with an optional PPG Vibrance Paint in Fuscia Candy over Black. It is difficult to tell how cool this paint really is from a photograph. You must see it in person.

    With a very long and wide neck of Purpleheart and Birds Eye Maple, hooked up to the "Dynamic Duo" of Hipshot and Bartolini, this bass packs a punch like Muhommed Ali and is well suited for heavy rock and metal bassists.


The tried and true designs of 50 years ago are still relevant today. This is our spin on the "Old School Classics"....Super-Charged with an attitude!

  • OSC-1

    Savage Guitar Design

    The OS-1 bass is totally "old school"! Passive electronics are standard just like those legendary instruments of years gone by.

    A thin pigmented nitro finish will give that retro look and allow the bass to "breathe", improving tone and sustain.

    This thumper is available in an 8 string configuration! Plug into your favorite rig, crank it up to 10 and you'll that get full, "pure evil" tone that will bring a "devilish" smile to your face!.

  • OSC-2

    Savage Guitar Design

    This ain't your Daddy's old bass. It may have that classic look, but under the hood, it is supercharged with Bartolini pickups and electronics.

    This "old schooler" is a total Bad-Ass. To find anything with more "growl", you may have to pay a visit to your local zoo or the Serengeti.



This is the area where you'll find information on news, events, and other interesting stuff happening at Savage Guitar Design. We'll throw out a few ideas...Maybe briefly describe a build process... Ask your opinion...And maybe even vent the "rant" of the day! Subject matter is wide open!

  • January
  • 2014
Maiduo Burl Bass

Maidou Burl 5'er!!!...Still on the Bench!

Still on the bench, waiting for its date with final sanding and the SataJet spay gun, is an unbelievable 5 stringer with a bookmatched Maidou Burl Top.

Hang on kids!....This bad boy just doesn't have a pretty face. The back is bookmatched Raintree Crotch......But I'm going to keep you in suspense by only showing you the front for now.

The inner core of this very light weight body is crafted with multiple layers of Curly Maple with black veneer accents....Very classy! A tone block of Honduras Mahogany provides the "thump". And, a wonderful hand-carved neck of killer Birds Eye Maple/Wenge with an asymetric profile will give it the "bump".

Gorgeous Macassar Ebony elegantly serves as the fretboard and is graced by ever-so-stylish Paua Shell position markers....SUH-WEET!!!!

PRETTY NICE!!!!....You'll want to get your hands on this one!


  • January
  • 2014


Introducing…The Dude-O-Caster! This is a custom build for our friends at Angry White Dude(.com). Our first corporate theme build features cool graphics, an acid etched logo, custom anodized pickguard, Lindy Fralin pickups, Sperzel tuners, a bead blasted Hipshot bridge, and a sense of humor!

This guit-fiddle just ain't purdy, it is a twang-bangin’ tone monster! Give us a call and we’ll build a killer guitar designed around your corporate theme and image.

Stay tuned!....(get it?)

Angry White Dude
  • January
  • 2014
Black Limba 6

Black Limba 6 String Bass

This bass should get your attention....The 2 piece body is made from highly figured Black Limba (aka Black Korina) This very cool stuff is sometimes known as "super mahogany".

It is closing in on final sanding and finish, but we thought we'd give everyone a look at this soon-to-be-finished 6 banger.

An old Gecko neck was lookin' for a home, so we paired it up with this great body.

  • February
  • 2013
turquois inlay

Turquoise Inlay

I may have invented inlaying crushed turquoise into guitars. I can't say for sure. When I first started doing this, nobody had ever heard of it on a guitar. Whatever the case, it is "Cooler-N-Hell (to quote Ray Wylie Hubbard)!

The natural voids and inclusions, that are sometimes present in burl wood, are hollowed out and prepared for the inlay much the same way as a dentist would fill a tooth. That is a very vague description, but all my secrets can't be revealed! The voids are then filled with the crushed turquoise. Voila!.....(click on the image)

  • January
  • 2014
Cocobolo Amp Knobs

Custom Knobs!!!!!

Hot off the design bench and fresh off the lathe, new custom exotic control knobs are now being crafted by Savage Guitar Design.

I just scratch my head when somebody spends $4500 or more on a custom boutique instrument and gets about 8 cents worth of plastic cookie cutter control knobs for their hard earned $$$$$. For me it is all about attention to detail and cool control knobs are like the cherry on top of your ice cream sundae.



We'd love to hear from you. Comments, criticisms, and anything for the betterment of the cause are always welcome. All we ask is that you keep it positive with the primary goal of advancing the art of the tools that allow us to make great music. Trolls will be drawn and quartered, then fed to the dogs.

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